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Summer Heat in the studio

Voting is over for Coral Springs - Fernando was second place with 2000 votes!

Wow and Thank you sooo much to everyone that voted. It really means a lot and it truly makes a difference. Thank you to everyone that contributed for that exhibition! Special thanks to Michelle for the warm welcome at install and using an image of Hera for publication.

Rosemary Thymes has a nice summer article with photos- read it here and the exhibition has been extended for Real Simple Magazine's tour of the area as they renovate a property and plan to have an article which may include the exhibition in the magazine. Fingers crossed Dragonfly Flora makes it into Real Simple's up coming article.

New opportunities are flowing out in masses of written applications for fall . Waiting can be the hardest part. Waiting to see if work is accepted, waiting to see the results of a vote that can mean winning additional income or an allocated sale to become part of municipality's permanent collection. Thank you Tamarac for the honor of having my work "Jemma" in your permanent collection!

Upcoming opportunities include two more exhibitions in Florida, one each in Kentucky and Georgia. After almost five years of building the larger works I am starting to see the rotation and rewards of having "traveling" work . Each show is certainly different beyond just location. Artists make choices just like any other business, shows like Rosemary Beach that have very organized and smooth installs, provide some artist amenities and actively promote the exhibition , have transparent communication and organize events surrounding the exhibit are most certainly preferred choices. Alpharetta was also a wonderful, supportive show when Hera went a few years ago and I truly hope to be included in the next exhibit.

Duet's Dance is complete and I hope for this work to travel late summer, early fall

Stay cool , keep moving forward and thanks for the support .

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