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Inspiration Way Public Art In Tamarac, Florida has a visiting Dragonfly , Flora

Flora has arrived and been installed safely on the broadwalk of concrete slabs with other artists works to Tamarac, Florida. She will be there for a year with the option to be purchased and voted on for a peoples choice award. I hope you will vote when the time comes. There are ten sculptures total and I beleive there will be an opening celebration and activities scheduled - stay posted.

School has been an absolute whirlwind as I have managed to get funding for a large number of repairs, cleanings and certifications for all of our equipment. In full swing of a massive inventory and assessment of equipment day by day. I am totally exhausted and not getting any new work started at present. Which definatley makes me even more thankful for all the installations in the past few months as I am so happy to be actively showing even if I am not at the moment making.

Students are making though and they are doing new projects this term . Now that I have two second level classes going we are getting into more challenging work and Im very excited to show you the finished pieces in March . We are planning both a student show and open house for the spring. Yeah exhausted is my definition right now. Happily , in a fullfilled way and full of hope for the future of the space.

March brings along spring break and a block of time that I hope will be spent in flow on new armatures and private studio work .

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