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An Amazing August for Black Lily Studio. Art project downloads, video and community for you.

Download Art projects, common tools information and process videos have been added to a new free members area. I am blown away by the response to my first book Crete Chae Clay the other mud .Thank you so much

Since the book was published in late July my intent has been to start more of a community and to offer more learning options for others in the use of the material . Over the past few weeks download projects, common tools information and process videos have been added to a new free members area

Sign up to be some of the first to the new community group. Share your projects, ask questions , get technical advice and learn how much this crazy mud I love can do for making your outdoor sculptures and garden art at home . Art Projects downloads and pdf are open to everyone , group is members only, but totally Free to sign up.

The first art project for Crete Chae went up this week . Make an Herb planter with a printed design and a surface tutorial on making a printing matt for clay , concrete or crete chae. There is a free download for common studio tools.

Videos are added and changed periodically for free as well . I have two other art projects to try at home I am working on for you. Additional videos , seperate from projects are also being added to you tube so check them out and subscribe to Black Lily Studio on you tube if video is more your preference.

It has taken a lot of time to get this all started , but it has truly been a pleasure and I am excited to get to know you through sharing these techniques and recipes with you . Check back for more projects as I get them put into pdf downloads for you and continue to add to the projects available.

For my own work I have a new large piece started that I have been totally ignoring while working on the book , projects and videos. The next few weeks really have to be a snap back to my personal work as I have a deadline for the new big bird Nouveau Crane in October . The larger works do generally take a couple of months to complete . Right now she is in the early welded armature stage. Video of her transformation will be uploaded as her form becomes more developed over the next month .

work in progress by artist Lee Bell of Black Lily Studio
welded steel armature for Nouveau Crane

Email , message me or jump in on group . I look forward to meeting you , getting to know what you are interested in making for your gardens , home and gifts. Fall in the studio is going to be buzzing and busy and I am so looking forward to tempetures below 100. Thank you all for your support . Be Well , Lee Bell

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