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A December of exciting new adventures for Black Lily Studio and a free recipe for members.

It may be the end of the year, but for me it is full of new beginnings.

Duet's Dance will be going to Augusta, Georgia for two years and be on display at the Augusta Sculpture trail.

It is a wonderful feeling to be selected and for the hours put in to be acknowledged as worthwhile. Thank you, Augusta !

So , that was lovely news and I am grateful to be included in such a wonderful venue. If you are in the area please go and take a photo with Duet , The sculptures will all be installed by mid january and a walking tour will flow through the downtown area.

The other event this month is a new teaching position. I have missed teaching, the covid issues started, other projects overtook my attention and it quickly turned into years of being a studio hermit. Crete chae is fabulous for the outdoor work , but ceramic clay will always be where I started and a first love. Explaining it at the interview it seemed an easy way to explain to a non art person that I feel the ceramic clay is a bit like silk and the Crete chae like cotton . They both have wonderful attributes , but behave differently and have different purposes. Teaching is one of the most rewarding things in life in my opinion. , Nothing beats a student getting excited and finding they can do more than they thought when techniques are taught that light them up and get them hooked on art . It is especially exciting that this position will be teaching at the college level where students are truly engaged in the materials.

Group is growing and changing, topic areas have been added including color, main mix, bases and studio pets . Donna shared her adorable furry studio mate a darling doggo in pink outfit and Clementine posted about materials in France and asked some questions, which I answered about drying times and filling voids - you may all find the questions and answers helpful in your exploration of using Crete chae .

Thanks so much for posting ladies! love to see more sharing of furry ones , ideas and disscussion. A short video was added about building the new base for Nouveau crane a few weeks ago and I am adding a recipe for a basic black ( the recipe I use for all my outlining on crete chae under the color topic in group. ) a small gift for the month of December as in this recipe is free.

Work on the coloring book continues

( nearly finished with about five more images to add,) mostly herons; but also includes some florals and fish. I have become somewhat hooked on doing the books as a way to relax and enjoy some work that is less physically demanding. The digital drawing and painting is coming along, and my experimenting has amounted thus far to adding two new lined journel books to Amazon.

Perfect stocking stuffers or studio journals for your recipes and notes or morning writing and planning. One with a blue heron and another with a seahorse design on the covers. I wish you all happy studio days and a wonderful holiday season.

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