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Trying to Simplify in September

Fall is in sight , just the very thought of it cooling is exciting . It is my favorite time of year no matter where I might be located at the time. Being from New England I miss the leaves turning color, apple picking and all the fall smells in the woods,

enough fluff- Lets jump to the recipe as they say.

September's updates and plans for all this cooler, happier weather I'm dreaming about

Free video shorts and members extras are being added bit by bit . If you havent checked in click the link below to log in and go to the members area tab for group, if you already have your copy of crete chae clay .

Members extras currently include two Free short videos on the best consistency for crete chae main mix, and video showing application of the mix over a lath armature and short pdf download ( mini free project for members only ) how to pour a small base and make a sytrofoam armature for a smaller table top work approx 12 ", It can be easily adapted for works up to 24" with just a heavier wire or light, bendable metal rod and beefing up your foam to maybe a double layer. More projects , video are in the works, They do take some time to make and put together and right now time is tight with deadlines - short process or technique singles will continue to be added so there is continued information on building and forming while project sheets will take me a bit more time due to my own work flow obligations for September that need to be completed for October deadlines .

More project downloads are available for single projects- step by step guides with pictures all under 10 bucks _ 3.99 to 7.50 and you can grab your free pdf download of common tools used for working with crete chae at the above link also.

My current studio work is undergoing a big redirect and I am on the learning curve putting in hours to develop better digital drawing skills, trying out a new photo editing program, learning new techniques with the welding and base construction options for the larger sculptures. Currently that means enthusiastically immersed in Art Rage and xp pen which should streamline future project packets and downloads . There are exhibition deadlines creeping up quickly that need to be completed for early October. The newest large work Nouveau Crane is in process and another of the larger works needs to be picked up and brought back home. Yes indeed , It's fall - it's busy

In the mix of course another project started with the initial outline writing on a

workbook / journel / studio planner for some of the organizing and planning strageties that I use in studio . Art studio organization is way more than just where you store your tools. It is a secondary project - so I doubt it will be completed until after all of Octobers deadlines are met. Plans for a second book Crete Chae 2 - more specifically about variations in crete chae mixes and with additional focus on some of the coloring techniques, possibly including a few step by step projects is in my thoughts for a winter project. That seems to be one thing people wanted and I think some folks didn't or don't realize I have / am also making myself , group and email available for help , questions etc etc. So reach out to me , Im here and I will respond .

For now that is wrap ! Get in touch , post in group or shoot me and email and let me know what you want to learn about the most in future posts and projects .

Happy Weekend , Lee

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