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The May of Delays , and yet June is speeding right in

Dearest Crete Chae people,

There is project overlap in sight. with the raised printing template ( your free tutorial that was in the members group area last month)

watch this video to see how to make the printing matt if you missed it here -

and if you are a clay person follow the tutorial past the matt making to create a small salt and pepper set with a printed design

An additional video for a clay and texture template is on utube now click for that video

Working today on another way to use the cardboard armature from the inside for crete chae pressings. I think it will also translate nicely to make small or large bases and pedstal forms for your work and mine. Follow the utube posts to see that video when it is complete.

Everything seems to be on hold, lingering days of May with a few bumps in the road to boot. Pushing forward with the computer work and video tutorials: to incoperate more multi function process for crete chae, regular clay and my own work simultaneously.

My intent was two months of summer break to crank out another large armature and installation size crete chae sculpture but that has been dashed for now.

June is screaming in and I am trying to write projects and have all of my prep work in place with video , lessons and demos for fall semester teaching.

I hope you find a technique explained that furthers your work in studio and look forward to seeing your work in group now that nicer weather has arrived.


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