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Sizzling summer heat at Black Lily Studio

Hot doesn't begin to describe the weather here in Florida. The feels like number is something I try to not even look at in the past few weeks. The studio is not air conditioned and the weather is way out of control very early in the season.

I am still working on the new seahorse - Delphine and have a couple of large ceramic platters getting finished up. The first platter here is already sold and a second is nearing completion.

19" diameter , wall hung carved, under glaze and glaze cone 5 oxidation

Delphine is coming along and getting some additional work on her tail and torso before color work can start . Progress photo here . This is I think the 3rd version of her tail and I am finally happier with the placement and effect it has on the overall sculpture. Work evolves over time and sometimes needs changes mid stream or even when you think you are done; then look at it again and decide something isn't quite right and remove or add or both to find the right composition. Looking forward to finally starting color on her over the summer break from school which starts officially after next week.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer, Lee


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