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Jumping into January

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are keeping warm. The weather even here in Florida has been cold. After nearly 30 years in the south my tolerance is very low: Ice and snow are only acceptable in photos at this point in my life.

January activity update.

Teaching at the college has started and though it has added a tremendous amount of prep and paperwork I am really enjoying it. I knew I missed it; but jumping back in with students that are truly eager to learn is a joy. The practice of teaching adds a layer to investigation and growth . Developing projects and finding out student interests inevitably feeds your own studio and leads to directions of exploration that may not have otherwise come up . As in, there is an urge to throw on the wheel again in my own studio, which has been ignored for some time as I have focused on the large crete chae sculptures. Solving some of the firing and glaze problems they were having has brought me back to glaze chemistry and kiln settings, mold making interests and moving parts in containers.

There is a studio manager/ lab woman who is a total gem to the department and has been very available and helpful, All of the other art department instructors and staff have been very warm and friendly. It feels like maybe I found my people and a place to grow and give of my love for clay.

A very happy start to a new chapter in this artists life. Having a purpose and sharing knowledge about something you love is a wonderful place to find yourself in any profession.

Duet's Dance has gone off to The Augusta sculpture trail show and will be on display at the Augusta commons and Broad st park area until January 2025. The video below includes the audio of what is on the otocast for Duet . Each artist in the show will have audio, so if you go to see the exhibit you can listen as you walk through to each sculpture and learn a bit more about the work. This has become a common addition to a lot of exhibits. You can download the otocast program from google play and type in a search for the otocast for a specific exhibit you may be going to see and have an audio tour for many shows across the country .

As always there are more new adventures in the works, currently experimenting with fabric design a little. So far this has meant a ton of reading and experiments with digital settings resulting in - learning a new skill, artform and that is ok. I encourage you all to make mistakes, take risks and take care in 2023

Finally, The Waters Edge coloring book is complete and live on Amazon

. Click here for the coloring and journal book options

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