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July - Black Lily Studio is Hot

Florida feels like being locked in a sauna right now, but I am turning up the heat anyway . I am energized with new challenges and paths to explore. I embrace a good challenge , I love it when the underdog wins.

The jury is out - the waiting continues on a number of submissions for the sculptures and even some ceramic works this round . In the meantime metal is ready to go for some welding : because if you are already in the sauna throw water on that rock and steam it up. The cost of metal like everything else has seriously jumped . Which makes me a little more hesitant to just free form into an armature. As enjoyable as it is to just go into a line drawing with the steel rods. Bonus - It is an excuse to sit in the A/c at least in the heat stroke worthy mid day and draw .

Some combination of a few on the left are likely to develop into the next larger outdoor sculpture.

I have decided to actually give a name to my personal mix. CRETE CHAE CLAY

my proprietary blend- as I am frequently asked what I am using to create work for outside. This has lead to another whole world of activity and working hard on writing my first KDP and paperback including my studio recipes , artwork, process images and resources for learning. It has been a wonderful thing to be in studio full time.

It is a wonderful thing to be in studio full time.

But sometimes I still miss teaching. Seeing a student get results , often better than they themselves expected is truly one of the most rewarding things in the world. I don't know why ( other than my technological challenges ) it has taken me so long to get on board with this online. Better late than never as they say. Along that same vein a serious immersion into a learning curve for an xp pen pro and a lot of excitement about the potential of that new tool. The restraint to not open the package until I get a few more things done in studio has been immense.

The addition of a members area and forum have coincided and are in the very new stages. If you want to interact more sign up . It will be getting the previews of some of the book and is open for posts, questions and a gallery area of other peoples projects . Currently it has a post with links for a few of the websites I find are really strong for teaching techniques and sources for materials. As this area gets developed I expect to be adding printable projects and more.

So there you have it, short and sweet as always - the official update for those of you who are interested and the benchmark for me when I look back at how I spent a year in studio month by month. It's hot go have a lemonade.

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