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Fantastic Fall in Florida - Studio is humming with good news and new work .

Last month I was celebrating the news that Nouveau Crane

has been chosen to be on display at city hall in Port St Lucie. She is getting prepped with fresh clear coat and all snazzed up for transport.

A week later I received word that Fernando will be going to Ocala for exhibition in January and I am very much looking forward to that as well. I have applied to that show a few times and this year is the year. Work, love it or leave it because it is not for the faint of heart or the easily discouraged. I love what I do and I have stayed committed to it for more than forty years. I am relishing every success in my fifties that I fought for in my twenties. If you are a young artist - Don't give up ... everyday is a studio day, keep your eyes open even when you can't be in studio and stay committed to practice as much as you can ,whenever you can manage it.

At last some squeezed in studio time and a rearrange in studio that has led to some wall work .

Work in progress - Of Leda's Ilk - 26 x 36 ceramic, mixed media, Crete Chae Clay

Teaching is in full swing and I can hardly believe we are already nearly through the semester . Many puzzle solving projects with kiln repairs, student projects and wrting courses an syllabi for spring term. My position may be changing, growing and my courses are filling up well in advance for spring term. Another aspect of studio life that I am enjoying every day. I have had a great group of students this term and my spring intermediate class is filling with some of my best students. As a small group I am eager to do more complex projects with them in the spring and looking forward to introducing them to new techniques .

The Gingko guest room is complete and one of my dearest and oldest friends came last month which was truly wonderful , so glad we have reconnected after many years.

A peaceful room to be writing out this post and feeling content, surrounded by memories of Kath as her anniversary draws closer and I am grateful for the encouragement and stamina she instilled in me to pursue my dreams.

Be well , Happy autumn to all .

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