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November News

Fall is always super busy, So full of gathering and grouping and organizing.

I'm not a spring cleaning girl, spring is all about being outside not cleaning.

Who made that rule anyway?

But in the Fall; especially since living in the southern states it's time to go through it all and make space for more growth. Smash it up if it's been sitting too long and find a way to reuse it in a piece or place that works better. Start from scratch, find a new way, a new solution. Crete chae works really well for mosaic pieces too so smashing up some old clay pieces is just fine to make something new.

When the weather cools in Florida things pick up in the studio , everything is more fun when you are not melting and covered in stuck on concrete dust - yuck .

Onward- what is happening with the member's group....

Bases, questions about building bases have come up in emails as well as more questions about coloring and finishing. responses to the coloring and finishing questions in more detail with the actual questions and then the answers are in the group area for members.

To be perfectly frank I did not go into coloring information in the first Crete Chae book because unfortunatley the company I was using for pigments repeatedly posted artwork without crediting the artists and so I refuse to promote them. As an artist I will not contribute to a company that uses artists work for free advertising without giving the artist credit. They apologized to me and put my name on my work , but then it happened again with my work and with other artist works. No bueno, not good , not getting any more of my business and definatley not getting reccomended to other artists.

All other color is exterior grade ,water based and uv resistant. If you can use it on the outside of your house on pavers or brick then there is a good chance it will work well on your crete chae.

Thin layers are best , don't apply thick coatings all at once and personally I always stick with water based products. I don't like oil based products and they don't like me.

As coloring has had the most questions this has been created as the first topic area. It shows in the main discussion area as well .

Emails to me are wonderful and I love getting to see your work!

Beautiful steel sculptures from the Uk , animal art for the garden in Australia, planters and wall decor from the states and more .

Truly my biggest wish is that you would all share with each other too.

Step up and get to know each other you are an amazing group of individuals all at different levels, in different countries and making such varied works.

Since I am spreading my time between writing Volume 2 coloring and project based book of crete chae , , photographing and working on my own sculpture, working on the coloring book and applying to my own exhibitions, I really need your input as to what deserves my time in group. Would you all prefer it if it was a facebook page ? What are you looking for in terms of more knowledge base with crete chae. A few people have purchased the wall flower project and the epoxy clay recipe - Thank you. I hope you enjoy them and share your results with us.

Project downloads take time to make , photograph and prepare to be online so I would like to focus on your wants and desires in regard to what is being presented and worthwhile for me to take time away from my own work to prepare.

What other projects or info sheets are you the most interested in my working on to add to the site?

Wishing you all Happy Fall weather and productive days. Lee


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