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December ending Fire : January will start with Spark!

I experienced great joy and great sorrow this year. I lost one of my dearest and oldest friends in November. Though it was my honor to be by her side; negotiate her passing as pain free and peaceful as possible it was most difficult. She was a childhood supporter of my art ,pushing me and finding opportunities. She found me a place to study with a private potter in my teens; in my twenties pushed me to apply and win my first artist grants. She came to visit in March for our birthdays - most years no matter how far apart we lived. 40 years later she spent hours in the studio with me doing crossword puzzles and eating cake while I worked. I will miss her , I will keep working with her smile behind my eyes.

My best moments this year were entirely related to studio .

Jemma is now a part of the city of Tamarac, Florida and will be ensconced at city hall . It's a lovely feeling to see the work and the risks taken to leap into making large works come full circle. I am grateful and proud to be a part of the city's permanent collection.

Rosemary Beach Sculpture exhibition was another high point and I look forward to visiting the area again in September. An invitation to show in Tallahassee was a surprise gallery request and is planned for the spring ( more to come on that later ).

December was all about clay work being completed and fired: the most soothing medium to me and a good way to re-center. click to see completed clay

Looking forward to January as I finally have made the investment in a welder.

Let the sparks fly ! Happy Holiday's to all and best wishes for a grand new year.

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