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Two Public Installations - Summer 2021

Jemma - Large Blue Heron is Installed In Tamarac Florida in the Inspiration Way exhibit located on Nob Hill Road . Beth Ravitz and Daniel were wonderful and I am so pleased with Jemma's placement on an elevated concrete base and her perfect corner location . Thank you both for your work on the installation .

The Next installation for summer 2021 is scheduled for the end of the month .

I am so thrilled to be a part of the Rosemary Beach exhibition this year with a theme embracing eco - consciousness. Click a here to see all the artwork accepted to the show

My work is created using recycled and upcycled media and focuses quite often on creatures impacted by our waste . Listen to a short video and see some of the building process below. This is important to me as an artist and as a human . Participating, being accepted into this show really validates the importance of making this kind of work and I am grateful to be included in this exhibition opening September 4th 2021.


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