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Black Lily Studio-Crete Chae Clay - DIY Garden edge borders Weather proof air dry "clay"

Easy DIY air dry , weatherproof Crete Chae Clay for Garden edgers, plant borders

Step one I purchased some foam insulation sheets from home depot to use as forms/ armature backing and cut them to size. They come in a pack of 4 and are approx 48 long x 14 1/4 x an inch thick. One sheet gave me four lengths of 24 long by 7 1/8 tall.

Sections easy enough to work with and high enough and long enough for an edger section that can be lined up or formed into a square around trees and flower bed plantings.

Finally, a small window of time working with the crete chae clay . I have a garden bed off my patio that needed some extra oomph .

It hasn't held in all the precious soil I composted and mixed to fill it very well . It has little gaps in between the old paver blocks and the pallet parts are really starting to show some wear and tear . Well , yes crete chae can fix that and add a extra little panache. You can design your own pattern for borders and personalize your garden.

Sounds like a win win idea to me and it at last makes a post for crete chae before getting full tilt into the ceramics projects with fall classes.

See the step by step with directions below.

I used the one with the leaves for this example: but I am experimenting with a few different designs and mark making techniques for the surface. I also pushed bisque fired stamps of turtles into the back of this one, experimenting on both sides.

Once I choose what I like best I will make a rubber mold so I can cast / pour or push crete chae into it to make multiples of the same design.

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