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April winds down the ceramics teaching term and opens up time for Black Lily Studio Crete Chae Clay sculpting.

April is a challenge for me every year . The saying about March (in like a lion out like a lamb) never seems to hold true when April marks so many life events and anniversaries. This April was perhaps even more intense. It is increasingly clear to me that big changes are coming and I feel the excitement , dread , hope and fear that big changes encompass. Be in the present , be well Lee Bell, one step , one breath , one sculpture at a time. It's my mantra for May- while my stomach is turning in knots waiting to hear from possibilities that are out in the April wind right now.

For now the seahorse Delphine is the focus for the summer and a graphics class which is gratefully being covered by an employee scholarship to learn more Adobe. Life long learning is so so important and things change quickly so adding new skills , improving skills and trying new things is always on my list .

One door opens another door opens , I'm just full of these in my head right now , as my direction seems to be changing again. Teaching ceramics is winding to a finish for the semester and my classes are already filling for fall - which is both a surprise and very satisfying that my classes are so in demand they are filling 3 months out of start dates. Below is some of the student work from this term. Of course I think all my students made fantastic work and I will so miss my second level group as most of them are graduating and moving onto different programs and schools.

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