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April in Studio

A little twist to the regular sculpture entries with drawings for the facade of a building. It has been a goal lingering in the back of my mind for some time. Something new to pursue and learn about more in depth. More to learn in so many directions

Finally, finally Nouveau is getting her finishing outlines and clear coat. Numerous irons in the fire , applications out as always and to be honest a dire need for some rest. Classes officially end at the end of the month and I think my first scheduled activity will be a week of sleep , followed by welding a new armature.

The semester is near to complete, I can hardly believe it has been so quick and courses are getting written for Fall . My students did a fantastic job and the work from intro level courses is really amazing. Hand building students went from 3 inch pinch pots to the beautiful 20 inch coil pots below and wheel students went from learning to center to creating matching sets in size and shape . The smiles are worth it all and I look forward to the now four courses I will be teaching in the Fall . I can't wait to see what some of the students who continue on to the next level will be able to do with more focus on surface treatments and learning more in depth about glazes and slab work next semester.

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