Hand Made in the USA.

BLS ceramic art is Hand Made. That means from a bag of clay ,an original ,made by a human - me . I do throw on the potters wheel, use a rolling pin , a sponge, brushes and a few hand tools. However, there is nothing machine made. No ram press, no slab roller or extruder, no manufactured else where bisque.

Some work such as dishes and platters may be available as sets or you may see the same form with different surfaces these pieces are being generated from a mold I made from an original.  My preferred techniques are coil, pinch and soft slab constructions with some wheel throwing . I love surface options like carving,  stamping, layering color in washes,making surfaces with layers of texture and playing with positive and negative space. It is the soul of the work, it is the essence of Black Lily Studio. Making everything by hand is what makes the work original, unique and of value as an art. 




, manufactered elsew

BLACK LILY STUDIOSarasota FL Artist Lee Bell

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Black Lily Studio 

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